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Created a new thread : Selling/Turkish VCC method (GET EVERYTHING CHEAPER)

?Don’t overspend anymore!?


Full Turkey Virtual Card method.?


With this method you will get your own legal Turkish VCC that can be used almost everywhere to buy things. ??


• Top-up the card with crypto

• 3ds authentication.


Why should You use a turkish vcc❔


Incase you’ve been living under a rock everything in turkey is almost 90% cheaper compared to US/EU pricing! For example: ?


Discord Nitro with boosts ??

Monthly 27 TL (1.5$)

Yearly 270 TL ( 15$)

Vbucks ?

1k vbucks 50 TL (2.5$)

Netflix Plans?

Basic 63 TL (3.3$)

Standard 97 TL (5$)

Premium 130 TL (7$)

Spotify Premium ?

Individual 30 TL (1.6$)

Duo 40 TL (2.1$)

Family 50 TL (2.6$)

YouTube premium ?

Individual 40 TL (2.1$)

Family 80 TL (4.2$)

Steam/Uplay/Epic games???

also have games 90% cheaper on turkey region

and the list goes on.



Contact y0.1219#7147 for more info

Accepting Paypal Only .

Replied to thread : area 02 or SCP roleplay xp script

i dont think there is a script that does that since fe is a thing so use anti afk 

Created a new thread : is there a dark mode here

i need dark mode