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Developer, knows very good C#,Lua and Web Development




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Created a new thread: Rebirth Champions Script OP

Disclaimer: This script requires a key which is obtained through a linkvertise ad which is active 24 hours or a key purchase

Script: loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()

Game link:


Created a new thread: [RELEASE] Sword Fighting Simulator Script

Script: loadstring(game:HttpGet(""))()



Replied to thread: Suspicious File in the API

@Akula I threw it into IDA, took a memory dump, there's little to no information about what it does or what it is used for, my skill might be too low to understand it right now, but thanks, I'll try finding someone who can actual understand what's going on with this


Created a new thread: Suspicious File in the API

Looking through WRD API C#, I found that it needs a file named qdRFzx.exe, which is considered a dependency, I just want to know what it does?

Links to WRD API Data:

Replied to thread: Strongman Simulator Script

@TERIHAX I am not the one I was anymore...

Created a new thread: Strongman Simulator Script

Straight forward Strongman Simulator semi-auto script

Script:  loadstring(game:HttpGet("",true))()


Gain Energy

Auto Bring Stuff to the finish

Area Teleport

Auto Open Pets

Auto Combine Pets Auto

Delete Pets


Replied to thread: [REQUEST] no chat cooldown script

just don't type hundreds of messages at once, type entire sentences and not a word every second

Replied to thread: Addys/Addresses For version-0137f7d4848f436a

very helpful, thank you so much

Replied to thread: psu deobfuscating help

learn lua and be very smart, that's all!

Replied to thread: Treacherous Drop Script

game link please?

Replied to thread: Rumble quest script

@63568 Sorry didn't notice scripts

Created a new thread: Rumble quest script

Hey I found this game named rumble quest and seen a lot of obfuscated autofarms, there's literally nothing to obfuscate, just some tween and a simple script if you know lua, if you reply me about it being slow then please get a brain.

Script here:

Replied to thread: Discord Webhook Spammer

@TERIHAX You didn't update on github, I see no Console.ReadLine() anywhere

Replied to thread: Discord Webhook Spammer

@TERIHAX I know but i mean from the console not from file

Replied to thread: [Release] WinForms Custom Scrollbars

@OrbitRBX nah wpf > winforms