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Replied to thread : What do you say to my new executor ?

10/10 working image hyperlink

Replied to thread : What's going on with Coco Z?

They are making coco zv2a.1 beta

Replied to thread : [HELP] EXCEPTION

Do what the error says 😭

Replied to thread : Best online games

Thanks so much um help my unm HELP!!!?8 HELOPGZFX ;;;;;/:57:

Replied to thread : Electron Problem

Protons are oppositely charged to electrons, your problem may be an abundance of protons in your system. Add more electrons or take away protons to fix the problem. Hope this helps 

Replied to thread : My roblox wont start

Buy a new hard drive

Replied to thread : Online gaming

Do people actually bot wrd forums now

Replied to thread : How to download roblox(microsoft store version)?

explode your pc and get a refund and buy a new one

Created a new thread : [REQ] Advanced Universal Triggerbot

Idk one with some settings for making automatic guns look legit and slight aim assist 

Replied to thread : [REQ] Fix this aimbot


still not working