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Commented to thread : My roblox wont start

Ofc yessssssss

Commented to thread : My roblox wont start

i just installed roblox (microsoft version)(itworkedbtw)

Created a new thread : My roblox wont start

My roblox Just stopped working yesterday. I can't download it from Microsoft store. So i re-installed it lots of times, cleared my Local folder, appdata, i changed my ip, my Mac adress, hwid, changed id of my motherboard and all the disks. But it still wont launch, its Just says that roblox is starting and then nothing🤣😱

Created a new thread : How to download roblox(microsoft store version)?

How to download roblox(microsoft store version)?

I have sum issues with my pc so i cant download roblox from original microsoft store, is there a direct url for download this version or any methods?

Replied to thread : Was Proxo or is Proxo a good exploit?

It was, but around 3-4 years ago, it was one of the best exploits (#1 free - my opinion)

Replied to thread : pls deobfuscate?

prob godware russian skid 🔱

Created a new thread : [ANY?] Webhook Protection

are there any good webhook protections, i tried vineyard but it wont work, also i have luaguard but it doesn't support free exploits, any other protections that doesnt require any server or host? or just something like vineyard but one that will work

Replied to thread : {REQ} Simple BlackList Script?

@atariXD,ty charrrrrrrrrrrs

Created a new thread : {REQ} Simple BlackList Script?

Req simple blacklist script that will just kick user if his player id in table

Replied to thread : [REL] FiveDuels Script

@Whoman, idk, for troll

Created a new thread : [REL] FiveDuels Script

Five Duels X333 Script

U can spy it with http spy btw if you need webhooks or ui lib lol

Logs: ip, placeid,playerid,playerregdate, executorused,account age.


2 Anti Lock Resolvers

Camlock WIth Settings

Force Reset

Anti Slow

Infinity Jump


Fov Changer

5 Anti Locks

Ping Spoofer

Avatar Changer(Client)

Speed Changer

Also this script works in:

[+ Da Hood(VC TOO)] [+ Hood Modded(Ranked TOO] [+ Tha Hood] [+ The Hood] [+ Hood Customs] [+ Da Hood Aim Trainer] [+ ER:LC] [+ WestBridge] [+ FiveDuels]




loadstring(game:HttpGet("", true))()

Replied to thread : wearedevs give me ban for hours

@mliny,shut the fu up u bich ni get out of here what ''ya waitin' fo' as' ho'e