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I Learning/Developing in C++, C#, Lua, and sometimes modding apps on Android Phones


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Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

tabs looks good but close tab button better be transparent and tabs without corner radius

Replied to thread: Rate my upcoming exploit ui

looks like made specially for windows xp users xD

Replied to thread: Should I Make WPF Videos?


just use Vertical + Horizontal Aligment for each control and unpin one or two sides if your control need to be in top right corner just unpin bottom and left chain and stay at top and right 

Replied to thread: Rate my wpf ui

This UI's really doesn't looks like made in WPF, really, if someone already wants to make something in wpf, let do it in a way that is still different from the WinForms projects

Replied to thread: Open source executor ui [v0.1]

This source is even worth selling? I don't think the guy (who selled) was had a enough expierience in it
Anyway without Custom Styles and with Classic Controls all looks good but not best at the same time, on first eye yea but it need more than that

Replied to thread: [Release] Delta Android - #1 Free Executor for Android

Actually as Android Exploit the UI is Designed really good and if it has smooth animations, it will be current on TOP

Replied to thread: Nihon 3.0 A Quick Introduction

Great Design and Simple Introduction for new users. The longer the project is developed, the larger the group of users it collects, which is of course a great plus for owners.

Replied to thread: WPF Guide [5 tips]

I using classic google color selector and this one is good too

Replied to thread: what executor is this?

looks like a Stream Sniper, can be a RoSniper

Replied to thread: DLL Dev Needed

In my opinion buying a Full DLL Library is not worth and really expensive. Better option is a hire some poeple to make for u specific things like Task Scheduler,  Addresses, Serializers etc. (u can complete with it a full dll library) of course i just exchanged example classes but u need more than that

Replied to thread: [ PET SIMULATOR X SCRIPT ] Mango opener, open eggs faster!

Actually Great Release and i already tested it, this opens eggs a little faster but smoothly too

Replied to thread: [PREVIEW] Oro | [FREE ROBLOX EXECUTOR]. - Smooth AF Interface

Great Design and Overall Theme but Tab Close and Add Buttons can be more bigger if these have a small clickable area

Replied to thread: Looking for a WPF UI Developer who can make exploits.

$25 for a UI is not such a bad amount yet, I would gladly accept this request but I'm still learning about designing general application themes apart from the classic dark ones so i must pass 😒

Replied to thread: I need exploit name idea


Orbit - White and Fresh

Anyway here is some mine suggest names:
- Trinity 
- Elvador
- Galaxy (common so can already exist somewhere lol)
- BloxTraitor

Replied to thread: Rogue - An upcoming paid exploit!

Seems interesting