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Created a new thread: Drawing lib not drawing

As I said in the title, drawing lib broken????

To test if it works:

If you see a red line on ur screen then it works

local v ="Line")
v.Color = Color3.fromRGB(255,0,0)
v.From =,0)
v.To =,500)
v.Visible = true
v.Thickness = 2

Replied to thread: Would you buy this exploit?

@aeon wrd api does not require a key at all, just displays a little box everytime you inject, easy to ignore imo and I found all I needed using it
also I preffered ace cus its obviously better than simple exploits with the known FastColoredTextBox

Edit: I didn't want to use ads links cus I literally have bypasses for most of the "free with ads" exploits

Replied to thread: Would you buy this exploit?

@aeon Do you have any other recommendation other than making a custom dll? (because its really hard to maintain updated)
I'm trying to get any ammount of funds so I can improve this exploit and hopefully making a team

edit: spelling

Created a new thread: Would you buy this exploit?

To be short, it has:

  • Great Internal UI (ImGUI)
  • Most of Synapse support
  • Auto Launch / Attach (Replaces the RobloxPlayerLauncher with a custom launcher)
  • Anti-Ban Bypass
  • Great Execution (Both Internal & External)
  • A good text editor (External - ace / Internal - imgui)
  • Cool animations
  • Customisable

but the catch is: 

  • it uses wrd api

Created a new thread: Please rate this UI, inspired by krnl

I made everything you see in like a week of work daily, including functionality

(dont hate because its mostly remade of krnl pls xo)




The script list is pulled from a pastebin raw json and made into buttons in the ui (not hardcoded)
The script box also supports context menu for loading scripts into the loader, deleting or executing.

Replied to thread: How to update the inline functions when roblox updates?

so I should look how functions are made in the luau source and remake them in my source and update the addresses when roblox updates??

Created a new thread: How to update the inline functions when roblox updates?

First of all, im a begginer.

I am trying to understand how roblox's inline functions work and how to make an exploit after learning, I know how to update addys but dont know how to remake the inline functions. Could anyone help me?

Replied to thread: [NEED HELP] Get game name

@27627Thanks for helping <3

Replied to thread: [NEED HELP] Get game name

@57850Thank you very mutch <3

Created a new thread: [NEED HELP] Get game name

Is it possible that when you inject the script, it detects the game name and prints it in console.



- You inject script in Jailbreak

- You open console and it says "Detected Jailbreak"


From that I would try to make a hub maybe

Replied to thread: [req] Dll Making


Replied to thread: [req] Dll Making

@51858Tried my luck for free but I will see what can I do.

Created a new thread: [req] Dll Making

Could someone please, for the love of god make a dll for me? :<

Im giving full credits, youtube, discord, v3rm, ANYTHING


UI, In case you want to see: Screenshot

Replied to thread: [ Release ] OneShot Exploit

WeAreDevs, and im working on adding multiple exploit injection types

Replied to thread: Can you rate my UI please?

Pretty okay but here are some recomandations:

  • try using darker colors like 25, 26 or 30
  • make the window a bit bigger
  • Add some customisation if possible

In rest, it looks pretty good