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If there was a hero that saved people from awkward conversations, he'd be more popular than Superman


Certified student. Organizer. Social media maven. Evil internet lover. Pop cultureaholic.


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Replied to thread : Why Facebook suspended my account?

Maybe you broke the rules of Facebook? write to them in support if you need it.

Replied to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

It's sad to watch this forum die, as fewer people come here to chat with someone, discuss something

Replied to thread : Roblox Executor Leaked!

it's so sad that people break the game for profit and try to use every opportunity like rats to get something for free

Replied to thread : The exploit has broke due to the games's weekly update.

it's a pity that the exploit died, as I understood it was hacked, and it feels like the developers left this site a long time ago. I'm afraid it won't be fixed...

Replied to thread : Is Mullvad really the best VPN for security?

this vpn works very well, I plan to use it in the near future. I like that it doesn't slow down the internet in any way and keeps my data safe.

Replied to thread : since this forums is sh*t dead, im simplydev

It's so unusual to see this forum dead. the previous foiums where I was sitting were active and filled