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Replied to thread : Put Aimmy on WeAreDevs


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Commented to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

@RealRealNik i aint 12 anymore anyway im 13

Commented to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

bruhh im not like that anymore man i moved on to better things and i left the exploiting community to make a server hosting company and we are doing fine so no i am not out of control ddosing evil anymore

Replied to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

hiiiii its 3mi this forum is kinda dead so im just saying. 
anyway i moved to good things and stuff and i rent game hosting now!

Created a new thread : help out me plis

soooo basically ive been termed off discord so many times this year that i ran out of phone numbers so i cant create more emails and ive used up all like 15.

can somebody message me privately a burner discord account i can use to contact my friends, then ill stop using the acc once we manage to make new one