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Commented to thread : How to get Roblox print address on UWP

Okay thanks i will try that.

Replied to thread : Make custom Messagebox / Warns

Thanks, I needed that, vouch.

Replied to thread : Is Electron a good exploit?

It's pretty good and it doesn't have any viruses.

Replied to thread : Script doesn't start in Comet

Probably Comet is patched, and you need to wait till it will update.

Replied to thread : How to download roblox(microsoft store version)?

Bro, just download it, it's not that hard.

Replied to thread : Argon Script Utility Beta Soon!

Nice, looking forward to the release.

Replied to thread : Exploit at the roblox browser

It is because of the Byfron Anti-Cheat.

Replied to thread : project DoshdikSploit

Change the name please, it's trash.

Replied to thread : any good uwp dll dev who dont charge like 400$ monthly

Then make your own one or use free API.

Replied to thread : Rate my UI [Winforms]

its pretty good for winforms

Created a new thread : How to get Roblox print address on UWP

How to get a print address for Roblox UWP version, because I can't start screen recording on the UWP version, so is there any other way to get it?