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Replied to thread : Rate my very cool UI

what the alien above me said ^

Replied to thread : Any FREE LOGO designers?

me ofc ofc

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Replied to thread : Neuron [Coming Soon!]

neuron fr amazing, certified by ya boi 3mi

Commented to thread : free graphic design

FR. I own a community server

Commented to thread : free graphic design

these are my most basic works, im very good in graphic design but i couldnt find my other works and was too lazy to make anything for this

Commented to thread : free graphic design

that one was inspired i really liked swifts siggy but i can do different

Created a new thread : free graphic design

heres some past work:
wrd message me because you turds arent getting my discord

embeds on wrd suck

Replied to thread : [2ND CW] - Kiwixcoke | The Entire Situation Got Worse

just imagine threatening people to use your site, what a melon

Replied to thread : jjsploit doesnt attach

Replied to thread : project DoshdikSploit

what the man above me said:

Replied to thread : [RELEASE] WRD forum viewer

hard to watch hard while watching

Replied to thread : Insperation Message | July 11 2023

instructions unclear, i snapped my pp