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Created a new thread : Are there any public APIs?

I'm just curious as I see that WeAreDevs API isn't unpatched. 

Commented to thread : free graphic design

I'm actually surprised you noticed this

Replied to thread : Rate this UI

It's a four, I don't like the colors or layout

Replied to thread : Should i be allowed on WRD for a month?

Why would anyone say yes? Please give your genuine opinion.

Replied to thread : Looking to join as UI Dev on a serious project

Are you looking to be paid? If so, would you be interested in selling the UI?

Replied to thread : What are your stress relievers?

To reduce stress, I often go online since I have some control over my environment.

Replied to thread : Rate my WPF UI (Not finished)

I give it a 5/10. I don't like the icons or color scheme, and there is nothing there to rate as it's just a blank interface.

Replied to thread : Please stop taking my rice :(

I'm feeling pretty sick right now. How about you? By the way, I'm Swift. Nice to meet you.

Replied to thread : [OPINION] HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF

Given its price point, it is definitely a solid choice.

Commented to thread : An update, and some questions.

@TERIHAX I've had bad friends before, after conversing I believe our relationship to be better.

Replied to thread : post your executors here

This thread is clearly just bait to give negative feedback to developers.

Replied to thread : An update, and some questions.

Since you already bought him ScriptWare, suspending his account won't make a difference because it was a gift, not a loan. Also, expecting someone to give you $20 just because you have a difficult friend is unrealistic. My suggestion is to have a genuine conversation with him, trying to understand each other's viewpoints and see if you can mend your friendship.

Commented to thread : [Introduction] Swift Cheats

Your input was unnecessary. I created this thread to help users, and if you're going to cause disruption, please exit the thread.

Commented to thread : [Introduction] Swift Cheats

@TERIHAX, I used 'At Swift' to specify that I am speaking on behalf of the Swift development team. Even if I simply used 'At Swift' as an expression, who are you to decide whether it is appropriate or not?

Commented to thread : [Introduction] Swift Cheats

At Swift, we are a development team, not a specific product. As a team, we have not announced any specific products or releases that we can discontinue.