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Replied to thread : My 'Offical' Announcement of My Departure.


Replied to thread : [QUESTION] Most reputable GTA Online cheats/mod menus

yeah pretty much what the guy above said, i heard stand is a pretty good gta cheat 

Replied to thread : Pay for a research paper

mental illness is spreading

Replied to thread : [release] jsploit src

not jjsploit src 💔

Replied to thread : Rate my User Interface

9/10 very epic ui

Replied to thread : Serene Client

fire roblox post

Replied to thread : how we could reverse engineer byfron



Commented to thread : scriptware and comet just shutdown

same fr(i clicked on my own grabify link that i shared w my friend)

Commented to thread : scriptware and comet just shutdown

bass said that the website was under genuine maintenence so no it hasnt officially shut down yet

Replied to thread : Exploits Discontinued Tracker (kill byfron)

pretty sure script wares site is only down for maintenance

Replied to thread : Roblox is likely going to start suing cheat developers.

not surprised at all, in fact im surprised roblox didnt start lawsuits against exploit devs sooner