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guys.. its joever..


whats up former exploiters




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Created a new thread : [Off-Topic] Do you guys have any FFlags that i can use for performance?

Former exploiter here, and this is kind of off-topic but do any of you have some FFlags?

Replied to thread : Jjsploit Premium Better Ui Made By me

here to ask why people are still trying

Replied to thread : Do you guys even exploit in roblox? What is your purpose on this forum?

i exploit, yes. thats my answer. but i do play other games like pizza tower                                                          








and       ULTRAKILL

Created a new thread : True Nextbots Script [Request]

im back, the original statcyclops account/my account got hacked so here i am, im pleading for you people to make a script on this ass game:




( please )