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Replied to thread : Atlantis Executor (not finished and not released)

i like it!

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Replied to thread : [RATE] WEBSITE

it looks good!

i also like your exploit UI!


Commented to thread : i love femboys so much!


(yes it was)

Created a new thread : i love femboys so much!

this thread is just about how much i LOVE femboys!

and my FAV femboy is @Amaris


Replied to thread : Who got the freaking rice


Replied to thread : [Free Service] Making Exploit Logo's

Vouch, thanks for making the violet logo

Replied to thread : jjsploit is not attach help

jjsploit aint up bc of latest update 

byfron is out 

Commented to thread : [MAJOR UPDATE] Hydrogen

and yes hydrogen is 100% safe to download

Replied to thread : [MAJOR UPDATE] Hydrogen

i only been visiting the hydrogen website just to see if the windows version came out. i like the mobile version tho


Commented to thread : Introducing Zestra V2.0

no problem i really like your ui it is all very good. i cant get wait to see how far your exploit will get! 


Replied to thread : Introducing Zestra V2.0

looks really good, Good job!

Created a new thread : how do i make tabs for monaco?

i need help making tabs for monaco

it will be very helpfull

if you give a tut on how to